A Constructive Trust Turned into Constructive Fraud.  Kansas Family Probate Case 
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          Your Help Is Needed, to assist us in our efforts to Raise       awareness of Elder Fraud & Abuse via our Book and Film          project. 
    Elder Abuse by a sibling caused "The Fail Family to Fail". 

New Book & Film "Sibing Thieves".
     Iva June Fail-Dedeke, Ivan Lee Fail & John Roy Fail.
             I was dreaming while they were scheming...
             I trusted but, failed to verify. 

             Read This Story, and Save Your Family and Assets.  

       Proposed Movie....Compelling True Story about Duress,            Elder Abuse, Fraud, Foul Play and in my Opinion, Murder.  

  We are currently accepting similar stories for consideration     to be in included. Contact 
  Or Call Larry "Never" Fail. 800-722-952.

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